Citrus and Almond Parfait with Honey-whipped Greek Yogurt (Eggless)


4 large oranges | ½ cup sliced almonds | 2 Tbsp salted butter | 2 cups Greek Yogurt | Orange blossom or any organic honey | 2 cups muesli.


 For the Orange Whipped Yogurt
In a large bowl begin whipping the yogurt on medium. Slowly stream in the honey. Stop once the honey is mixed in, and the yogurt is creamy textured. Either use right away or cover and refrigerate for up to a couple of hours.
 Lightly toast the almonds with salted butter.
 Put ¼ cup muesli at the bottom of a jar or a glass. Top with orange sections, toasted almonds, and honeyed whipped yogurt. Repeat with another layer.
 Garnish with orange segments.
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