Our farmers,
our family.

We know how much you love fresh food. We source over 80% of the vegetables and over 65% of the fruits directly from over 800 farmers across the country. And we bring it from farms to your stores in less than 24 hours.

Our farmers are our partners. They share the same principles as we do, which is providing the best quality seasonal produce for our customers. AT STAR, we put quality first and believe in offering the best of fresh produce loved by all our customers.

We believe in supporting the nation, by focusing on locally grown products that cater to our customers’ demands. Our partners are a huge part of our STAR family and we believe in giving them a tremendous share of respect by showing their names and faces. It also helps us create a connection between our partners & customers. And with an efficient supply chain, we bring their love, freshness & flavor to your plates from various parts of the country.


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