Brand Badlo: Skye Range Of Soaps

Using an effective, fragrant bathing soap that is safe for your skin is what the SKYE range of soaps offer you. All our soaps are paraben-free and fight 99.9% germs. Our soaps are available in various fragrances and leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The various fragrances and properties are:

Skye Soothing Sandal Soap (sandalwood extract, turmeric & coconut oil): If you wish to treat your skin to the healing and soothing effects of age-old traditional ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood and coconut oil, Skye Soothing Sandal Soap is the perfect one for you.

Skye Germ Fighter Range (germ fighter, cooling germ fighter with menthol fragrance, floral germ fighter fresh floral fragrance): This range of Skye soaps are antibacterial in nature and can help fight infections by reducing 99.9% bacteria while taking care of your skin at the same time.

Skye Clear Splash Bathing Bar (glycerin soaps with green tea extract) AND Skye Clear Splash Bathing Bar (glycerin & orange oil) : Skye Clear Splash range of soaps are suitable for all skin types, are paraben-free and make sure to refresh your senses with their exotic fragrances.

Skye Creamy Fresh Bathing Bar (Milk & Mint and Milk & Almond Oil variants that are SLES, SLS, paraben-free): If you are looking for a gentle, moisturizing soap that takes care of your skin while providing freshness, look no further than Skye Creamy Fresh Bathing Bar. This soap is paraben, SLES and SLS-free and is made using gentle, natural ingredients.

Skye Sandal Rich Soap (Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil & Almond Oil): Skye Sandal Rich Soap takes skincare a notch higher with pure Australian sandalwood oil and almond oil to replenish your skin’s lost nutrients, while spreading the fragrance of sandalwood to rejuvenate your senses.

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